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Criminal Lawyer Vancouver - Dimitri Kontou

Criminal Lawyer in Vancouver, BC, CanadaBeing arrested or detained by the police can be a very intimidating experience.

You need to know your rights.

If you are detained or arrested, whether for a minor criminal offence, or for a major offence, you should speak with a criminal lawyer before you say or do anything that might incriminate you.


If you are charged with a crime, the consequences can be devastating, affecting not only yourself but possibly your family, as well as your present and future employment. It is crucial that you consult with a criminal lawyer who knows what he is doing.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Vancouver

Dimitri Kontou is a skilled courtroom lawyer. For almost 30 years, he has vigorously defended his clients’ interests in the Criminal Courts. Mr. Kontou has defended cases throughout the Lower Mainland, as well as North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam and Surrey. As needed, he has, and will, travel to courts on Vancouver Island and other parts of British Columbia.

Being charged and prosecuted with a offence can be both stressful and confusing. You need to know that an effective criminal lawyer is in your corner to protect your interests and fight for your rights, your reputation and your freedom.