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In over 25 years of criminal defence work, Dimitri Kontou has successfully defended clients charged with a wide range of criminal offences. From the most serious to the less serious, he approaches each case with a skilful blend of strategic negotiation and a commitment to aggressively defend a client’s interest and to produce the best possible result for the client.

If you are facing a criminal charge, Dimitri Kontou can and will, if necessary, “take it all the way” with an aggressive defence at trial. However, sometimes a client is better served through an early discussion and negotiation with the prosecuting lawyer. Sometimes negotiating a good deal for the client is less expensive, less stressful and a more advantageous alternative than an emotionally taxing trial.

Whether a dismissal or a reduction of the charge and its impact, Mr. Kontou will review and advise on all the available options open to you.

Mr. Kontou’s office is located in downtown Vancouver, but he will handle cases in most court jurisdictions within the Province of British Columbia.

The following are some of the areas that Mr. Kontou is regularly called upon to defend:


Offences Against the Person

  • Criminal Harassment
  • Uttering Threats
  • Assault (Including assault causing bodily harm and aggravated assault)
  • Kidnapping and Confinement
  • Murder/Manslaughter

Sexual Offences

  • Sexual Interference
  • Invitation to sexual touching
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Child pornography (possession or distribution)
  • Luring a child by means of computer system

Property Offences

  • Theft
  • Theft/use of credit card
  • Robbery
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Forgery
  • Fraud


  • Possession/use of firearm
  • Careless use of firearm
  • Pointing a firearm

Disorderly Houses and Gaming

  • Keeping a gaming or betting house
  • Keeping a common-bawdy house
  • Soliciting/prostitution

Driving Offences

  • Impaired driving
  • Fail or refusal to comply with a demand for a breath sample
  • Dangerous driving
  • Failure to stop at scene of accident
  • Driving while prohibited


Possession of substance

  • Trafficking of substance
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking
  • Importing and exporting
  • Production of a substance


  • Bail
    – Judicial interim release
    – Review of detention order
    – Release where Trial delayed
  • Forfeiture – Proceeds of Crime
  • Peace bond and restraining orders

Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot: Crown approves charges

The Vancouver Police have now come down with charges and arrest warrants relating to the Stanley Cup Riot on June 15, 2011. The Police have now compiled evidence against numerous individuals who are suspected to have participated in the riot. These charges will likely include assault, threats, mischief, theft, as well as taking part in a riot. All of these may result in a jail sentence upon conviction.

This case against the majority of individuals with such offences will almost certainly be based on evidence of identification, including eye witness evidence, as well us photo and/or video evidence. Recognition evidence is where a witness, who is sufficiently familiar with the accused, claims to recognize him or her from the photo or video.

It is important to know that our courts have repeatedly emphasized the frailties and dangers inherent in identification evidence. It is not always reliable. Innocent people have been convicted on honest but mistaken witness identification.

If you are charged with an offence arising out of the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot, you should consult with a criminal lawyer before you say or do anything. Ask the criminal lawyer to look carefully at the evidence against you, and to give you an opinion before you make the decision that may have severe consequences for you, now and in the future.

Sexual Offences

Luring a child by means of a computer system

It is an offence to engage in sexually graphic internet chats with children, or to use a computer system to lure children for the purpose of certain sexual offences. The consequences upon conviction for such an offence can be profound to an accused. A sentencing judge can impose a period of jail, as well as conditions that prohibit an accused from attending certain public areas, or taking any employment that involves contact with children under the age of 18, 16 or 14 years. In addition, the accused person may be required to register his name on a National Sex Offenders Registry.

Defences to such charges can be technical and legally complex depending on the individual circumstances. This is especially true where “the child” is actually an undercover police officer simply posing as a child.

If charged with such an offence, a person should exercise his Constitutional Rights to remain silent and contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately. It is essential, where a person’s liberty and reputation are at stake, that he retain an experienced criminal lawyer who can represent him effectively.

Possession and distribution of child pornography

It is an offence to possess any photographic, film, video or other visual representations which show a person under the age of 18 years engaged in explicit sexual activity. Aside from the shame and embarrassment, there are minimum jail terms that a judge must impose as part of the sentence. A judge may also impose, as part of the sentence, an order prohibiting the accused from attending certain public areas, as well as limiting certain kinds of employment that will bring the accused into contact with persons under the age of 16 years. In addition, the accused person may be required to register his name on the National Sex Offenders Registry.

If charged with such offences, a person should exercise his Constitutional Rights to remain silent and contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately. There may be defences to the allegations, and at the very least an experienced lawyer will be able to advise the accused on how to best deal with the charges, so that they have the least impact on his liberty, family and employment.